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Useful Tips for Working From Home


    1. Schedule Monthly & Quarterly Face-to-Face meetings with your team.

    2. Invest in technology.

    3. Communicate with your team and clients often.

    4. Plan your day the night before.

    5. Tackle the worst task of the day

    6. Work in 25-minute chunks

    7. Turn the TV off and other distractions

    8. Get dressed. Don’t be sitting in your PJ’s all-day

    9. Experiment with locations around the house

    10. Walk or Exercise. Break up your day with some fresh air.

    11. Set boundaries. Beware of your working day blurring into

    your home life.

    12. Don’t fill your commute time that you got back with more

    work, use that to exercise, spend time with family or friends, or

    develop a new hobby or skills.